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Teltonika launched the RUTX50 in September 2022 and have seen a positive response with large sales of this device for a multitude of different types of installations. From high speed data transfer for live CCTV and streaming, through to office and home 5G router installations.

RUTM50 FCC Approved 5G Router for USA

Teltonika have now advised of an upcoming launch of a new 5G router to add to their range. The Teltonika RUTM50 router will be available Q1 2024 and this will be the version for the USA and Canada market with FCC approval..

Teltonika’s announcement about the RUTM50 5G router comes a few weeks after they launched their lower cost 4G routers, the RUT200 and RUT901 which was to provide a more competitive 4G router proposition to other low cost 4G router manufacturers which have taken market share from Teltonika in a fiercely competitive European market. The RUT200 is a compact 4G router with 2 x Ethernet Ports and WiFi, whilst the Teltonika RUT901 is physically larger to enable it to house 4 x Ethernet ports.

The RUT200 will replace the RUT240 and RUT241 as the entry level 4G router in the Teltonika range and the RUT901 4G router will replace the RUT950 and RUT951. So if you need a reliable and secure 4G Internet connection for your M2M remote monitoring and management application then Teltonika has a product for you. Whether its the low cost RUT200 (available from – A Teltonika Distributor in the UK), or you need the Teltonika RUT901 or even a high speed 5G router like the RUTX50 or the new RUTM50 then you can easily buy these in the UK from several online stores such as the 3G Router Store or the 5G Store.

nRadio C4800 LTE 4G Router with AC1200 WiFi

NRadio C4800 4G Router: A Comprehensive Overview About NRadio NRadio Technologies Co., Ltd. is a prominent player in the wireless networking solutions sector, established in 2016. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, and boasts a core team with experience from renowned brands such as TP-LINK, Huawei, ZTE, and HiWiFi. NRadio specializes in innovative … Read More