EE Introduces £1 4G Pay As You Go Packs

EE has introduced a new range of value Pay As You Go (PAYG) packs, including 4G. The range includes the UK’s first £1 PAYG pack, a basic pack that costs just one pound per week.

EE 4G PAYG Packs

EE’s new packs are designed to bring better value and EE’s 4G service to the 40% of UK mobile users that prefer to use PAYG rather than taking out a fixed term mobile contract. The packs are already available from EE stores and the company’s website, as well as via EE telesales.

The PAYG packs have been split into three groups – reflecting the way that EE customers use their mobiles – with the idea that customers won’t need to pay for services they don’t use. The three categories are:

  1. Talk and text packs
  2. Data packs
  3. Everything packs

EE suggests that 70% of PAYG customers spend less than £10 per month on their mobile phones, and their value packs are aimed at these customers, providing increased flexibility and control. Users will be unable to go over their limits without realising it, but can purchase add-ons if they find they occasionally need more data, texts, or minutes.

According to Pippa Dunn, Chief Consumer Marketing Officer at EE, “This is another landmark moment for the UK’s mobile industry. With more and more people demanding access to 4G and the benefits it brings, we’ve chosen to include it as standard in our new range of pay as you go packs, which now start from less than the price of a cup of coffee a week”.

What is included in the £1 pack?

The £1 per week 4G pack is the simplest of the new PAYG packs, and is available as a data pack or a talk and text pack.

  • The data pack includes 10 voice minutes, 10 texts, and 100MB data, which are valid for 7 days.
  • The talk and text pack includes 25 voice minutes, 50 texts, and 10MB data, which are valid for 7 days.

Every three months customers with either of these two packs can choose to receive an extra 25MB data, 10 voice minutes, or 25 texts for free.

What is included in more expensive packs?

There are various other 30 day PAYG packs available, and these fall into two categories, talk and text, where allowances are more heavily weighted towards voice minutes and texts, and everything packs where these elements are balanced by a data allowance. Customer can choose to pay £10, £15, or £25 per month depending on their mobile needs. A couple of examples of 30 day data packs include:

  • £10 text and talk pack includes 250 voice minutes, unlimited texts, and 10MB data
  • £25 everything pack includes 1000 voice minutes, unlimited texts, and 4GB data

Customers choosing a 30 day PAYG pack will be able to choose between 250MB, 50 voice minutes, or 250 texts for free each month.

EE’s new range of packs is a great way for PAYG customers to experience the speed of 4G on a flexible, low cost basis, without taking out a 24 month contract. Check out the table below for more details of the new range.

EE 4G PAYG Pricing Guide