Is the HTC One M8 Worth the Hype?

Speculation about the new HTC One handset, the HTC One M8, has been rife, and many have wondered whether it is possible to improve on the original. Well the wait is over and the HTC One M8 4G phone is finally here, so was it worth the wait?

HTC One M8

The short answer is yes. HTC has managed to improve their award winning device in almost every area to create the new M8. Let’s take a look at various aspects of the phone and see how it has improved on its predecessor, the humble HTC One.

Duo Camera

Although it might not be top priority for all phone users, the camera on the new HTC One M8 is a standout feature that needs to be mentioned first. The device has a Duo camera, with two rear camera sensors, which allows the camera to perform a far greater range of functions, for example emphasising the foreground or background of an image.

Symon Whitehorn, Imaging Specialist at HTC says “We’re looking to close the gap on real cameras. For a long time, one of the barriers for smartphones is that their cameras have remained pretty ‘dumb’ – we’re actually putting ‘smart’ into the smartphone camera. We’ve had smartphones for a while – now it’s time for the smart camera.”

Sleek Design

HTC has placed a great emphasis on the exterior build and aesthetics of the HTC One M8, believing that many consumers are looking for a luxurious and finely crafted handset. They haven’t strayed too far from the design of the HTC One, after all that was one of the things it was praised for, but they have certainly made some improvements.

The chassis is now made from 90% metal, an increase from the 70% of HTC One, and has a stylish brushed aluminium effect. The back and sides are more curved which makes it fantastic to hold. At 160g it is slightly heavier than we would expect from an iPhone or similar, but that just gives a feeling of quality and substance.

Sharp Display

If you thought the screen on the original HTC One was good, the M8 is even better. The size has increased from 4.7 inches to 5 inches, and the full HD screen with 1080p resolution brings your content to life. Gorilla Glass 3 creates a durable screen that is built to last. The screen on the HTC One M8 is brighter than its predecessor and the colour is much richer. The viewing angles have also improved, making it even better for gaming and streaming video.

Other features of the HTC One M8 include:

  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 801, quad-core CPUs
  • Android 4.4.2 with HTC Sense™
  • 2600mAh Battery
  • Dual speakers with Boomsound
  • Micro SD expansion slot

Overall opinion of the HTC One M8 appears to be positive, although the name could be a little catchier. According to TechRadar “HTC has done it again: created a stunning phone with very few flaws.” It’s not exactly a budget option, and is likely to be priced at around £500 sim-free, but if you’re looking for a high spec smartphone with a great screen and camera, it’s going to be hard to beat.