iSocket SMS Power Switch Available In The UK

Essex, UK — (SBWIRE) — 01/13/2014 — The benefits of GSM automation and home monitoring solutions are obvious, solutions such as the iSocket enable users to keep in touch with their home regardless of their location. 3G router store say that they researched several GSM home automation solutions and found the iSocket GSM707UK to be the best. The 3G router store say that they like the iSocket GSM707UK over other products for the below reasons:

iSocket SMS Power Switch

There is no need to install complicated GSM remote systems, users of this product can just plug iSocket into their wall socket.

iSocket is a universal solution that does not require any other special devices, user can connect almost any device to iSocket.

The iSocket is full of extra features, these features include a GSM home alarm. The iSocket alarm is not a complex GSM security system, once sensors are connected to the iSocket it will work as a remote security system with an SMS alarm.

More information on the features and benefits offered by the iSocket GSM707UK can be found

Intellectronics, the manufacturer of iSocket say that they “are confident that the iSocket will prove to be a huge success. The iSocket offers state-of-the art devices for remote monitoring”.

The iSocket can tell the user if the temperature in their home has risen above or fallen below a specified level and alert them in the event of a break-in, a fire or even a gas leak. The iSocket will notify the user if power is interrupted in the area of the home and when power is restored.

To see stock availability and purchase the iSocket GSM707UK visit the 3G router store is a specialist online retailer of 3g and 4g solutions, the company say that they usually dispatch orders for next day delivery as soon as they are received and guarantee that all of the new products they supply come with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. Further information on the 3G router store and the companies returns policy can be found on this page.