Mobile Internet Predictions for 2014 – Part 2

In our last post we looked at the first five mobile internet predations for 2014 as outlined in the Ericsson report 10 Hot Consumer Trends 2014. Here are the final five trends you can expect to see with the use of mobile internet over the coming year:

Video streaming

Prediction 6: Video streaming is expected

Online video streaming is becoming a part of everyday life, and the ability to watch videos on a mobile device is one of the greatest benefits of 4G. The Ericsson report shows that we are often influenced by friends in our choice of videos, with 38% of consumers stating that they watch video clips suggested by their friends several times a week, probably via social networking sites. 22% also reported that they recommended video clips to their friends several times per week.

Prediction 7: Security risks are mitigated  

Many internet users are concerned about security and privacy online, and the more we use the internet the more apparent these risks become. However, according to the Ericsson survey only 4% of users would actually use the internet less because of the risks, with 93% reporting that they would adopt risk mitigation strategies such as being careful what sort of personal information they provided online. We are seeing more consumers using mobile devices for shopping and online banking, which shows a greater trust in the security around these types of activities.

Prediction 8: Data becomes more tangible

People like measurements such as size and speed to help them understand how things work, and to see how well they are working. Consumers are becoming more aware of mobile internet facts and figures, such as data consumption and connection speed, and are using these measurements to compare phones and networks. The biggest differentiator in 4G contracts is usually the amount of data that is included. According to the Ericsson report 48% of smartphone owners already use apps to measure their data consumption, and 37% use apps to test their connection speed.

Prediction 9: Mobiles connect with physical sensors

The use of physical sensors that connect with your mobile device is expected to become more commonplace this year. These could include sensors on public transport that open ticket gates and deduct fees from your account, and security sensors on doors or gates at work that open to let you through when they recognise you. Although many consumers believe that the use of these types of sensors in inevitable, many have concerns about privacy and security.

Prediction 10: Devices are interchangeable

We’ve already seen that video streaming is a hot topic for 2014, and we know that we are streaming more video than ever before due to the role out of 4G. The Ericsson report suggests that this year will see a lot of consumers switching between devices while watching the same video. For example they might start watching catch-up TV on their smartphone on the train home from work, and then pause it to play the rest of the programme on a laptop when they get home. Conversely they might start watching a film on their smart TV and then finish watching it on a tablet in bed.

These final five predictions for 2014 show that mobile internet users are becoming more aware of the technology they are using, both in measuring and comparing data and connection speeds, and in taking actions to reduce online risks. Video streaming is a top trend with many consumers watching videos recommended by friends, and switching between devices while watching a video. Consumers also expect that mobile technology will begin to integrate with their physical lives via sensors, and as the use of mobile internet becomes just a part of our daily routine it will be interesting to see how widely this is accepted.