Sony Launches 4G Version of the Xperia E4

It’s only a couple of weeks since Sony announced the launch of their new low cost handset, the Xperia E4, but it’s already had an upgrade with the introduction of the 4G version, the Sony Xperia E4g.

Sony Xperia E4g

The main complaint about the Xperia E4 when it launched recently was the lack of 4G, but Sony has quickly answered this complaint by announcing a 4G version. It is not yet known which markets the handset will launch in, but the launch is scheduled for April and the device is expected to retail for around 129 EUR, which equals about £94, making it a very affordable 4G phone. The budget handset is likely to be available in black or white and in the UK it is likely to be available from O2, Vodafone, and Carphone Warehouse.

Specifications of the Sony Xperia E4g

Many of the specifications remain the same as the Xperia E4, including the design which features a plastic casing, a textured back panel, a diamond-cut aluminium power button, a stainless steel camera ring, and curved edges.

Other features include:

  • 1GB of RAM
  • 960 x 540 display
  • 8GB of storage
  • 2300 mAh battery
  • 5-megapixel rear camera
  • 2-megapixel front-facing camera

The resolution on the Xperia E4 is not especially high for watching video, gaming, or viewing photos – activities which are all popular with 4G users. However, the screen size has been reduced from 5 inch to 4.7 inch on the Xperia E4g, without reducing the 540×960 pixel resolution, so this should improve the situation slightly. Some of the 8GB of storage will be taken up with the phone’s software, leaving only around 4GB for movies or music. However, the storage capabilities can be expanded with a 32GB memory card.

Although the main difference between the Xperia E4 and the Xperia E4g is the addition of 4G connectivity, this isn’t the only upgrade. The Xperia E4g also has NFC which introduces the possibility of contactless payment using the handset, and a 1.5GHz quad-core processor which is an improvement on the original 1.3GHz. These upgrades indicate that the main selling point of the new handset will be speed. Sony also insist that these upgrades won’t impact the battery life and that the E4g will go two days without charging, and up to a week if you tweak the settings and use Ultra Battery Stamina Mode.

According to Tony McNulty, Vice President, Value Category Business Management at Sony Mobile Communications “Xperia E4 set out to bring many of the premium features people expect of Sony to lower-tier devices; Xperia E4g brings that same quality and ease of use – but with super-fast 4G LTE connectivity. With simple set-up and unrivalled 2 day battery life, we believe both models represent value for those who want premium Sony technology and experiences often only associated with high-end devices.”

The Sony Xperia E4g is expected to make an appearance at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week but it’s still uncertain whether its big brother – the flagship Sony Xperia Z4 – will be released at the event.