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Ofcom to Increase 4G Mobile Spectrum Charges

4G network providers are likely to have to pay more for their use of UK mobile spectrum bands, after the publication of an Ofcom consultation last week. The consultation has assessed the annual license fees for the 900MHz and 1800MHz spectrum bands used by 4G mobile providers, and Ofcom are proposing to increase these significantly … Read More

O2 Rolling Out 4G as Fast as Possible

Many have accused mobile operator O2 of ‘soft-pedalling’ 4G as they begin their rollout of the superfast mobile service in just three cities, but Ronan Dunne, CEO of O2’s parent company Telefonica UK, insists that they are moving forward as quickly as they can. Dunne is certainly passionate about 4G and describes it as “like … Read More

Was The UK 4G Auction A Success?

4G auction disappointing as Ofcom gets estimate wrong The recent 4G auction raised £2.34 billion from five different major telecom operators. While these figures may sound astronomically high, they are actually 33% less than what was expected. This has left George Osbourne and his team rather red in the face as he used the original … Read More