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NFU encourages government to speed up 4G rollout

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) is calling on the government to streamline the planning process for new telecoms infrastructure in a bid to boost rural business. Reported by farminguk.com, the NFU has written to the Communities & Local Government and Culture, Media and Sport departments asking for changes to 4G roll-out planning rules in order to … Read More

4G SIM Infographic

We have created a 4G Infographic to give you all the details about 4G.  Please feel free to share this infographic.  

New 4G legislation could speed up roll out

People might need to upgrade to 4G routers sooner than expected if new government proposals are passed into legislation. A new consultation document, titled ‘Mobile Connectivity in England’, puts forward a series of suggestions that would accelerate the roll out of 4G. The proposal suggests, among other things, relaxing the rules and regulations surrounding the … Read More

‘Big Three’ say no to unlimited 4G plans

The so-called ‘Big Three’ networks (Vodafone, EE and O2) have all ruled out unlimited data plans on the new 4G network. The CEOs of the networks ruled the idea out completely, saying unlimited data plans would be both ‘unsustainable’ and ‘unnecessary’. Coolsmartphone.com reported that Three will automatically upgrade all its customers to the new network … Read More