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4G in the UK Rootmetrics Report

In a recent Rootmetrics report entitled 4G in the UK: Fast Speeds and Expanding Footprints, the company assessed the state of 4G in the UK as a whole and looked at each of the major 4G providers in turn. The report suggests that 4G mobile internet is in a continuous cycle of growth. As speeds … Read More

UK Boasts the World’s Fastest 4G Speeds

The UK has the fastest 3G and 4G speeds across the globe according to a new State of the Internet report from Akami, which showed that speeds in the UK were more than twice as fast as its nearest rival during the first quarter of 2015. The quarterly State of the Internet report used data … Read More

4G spectrum switchover finishes five months early

Large swathes of the UK have now been provided with 4G coverage after frequencies previously used for analogue TV were cleared, zdnet.com reports. The work, which is set to be signed off today (Wednesday), has been delivered some five months ahead of schedule. This means that users may now be able to use the superfast … Read More

NFU encourages government to speed up 4G rollout

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) is calling on the government to streamline the planning process for new telecoms infrastructure in a bid to boost rural business. Reported by farminguk.com, the NFU has written to the Communities & Local Government and Culture, Media and Sport departments asking for changes to 4G roll-out planning rules in order to … Read More

4G SIM Infographic

We have created a 4G Infographic to give you all the details about 4G.  Please feel free to share this infographic.  

New 4G legislation could speed up roll out

People might need to upgrade to 4G routers sooner than expected if new government proposals are passed into legislation. A new consultation document, titled ‘Mobile Connectivity in England’, puts forward a series of suggestions that would accelerate the roll out of 4G. The proposal suggests, among other things, relaxing the rules and regulations surrounding the … Read More

EE hits over 50 per cent of the population with 4G

As EE switches 4G on in another 13 cities today, it means that their coverage is now reaching more than 50 per cent of the population. EE formerly known as Everything Everywhere – or T-Mobile and Orange merged – has had a significant lead on the competition thanks to Ofcom approving the use of its … Read More

Was The UK 4G Auction A Success?

4G auction disappointing as Ofcom gets estimate wrong The recent 4G auction raised £2.34 billion from five different major telecom operators. While these figures may sound astronomically high, they are actually 33% less than what was expected. This has left George Osbourne and his team rather red in the face as he used the original … Read More

New 4G SIM Cards With More Inclusive Data Allowance?

Everything Everywhere has at last launched it’s new 4G mobile broadband service and for iPhone users living in 4G areas that is great news. Unfortunately the choice for mobile broadband users is very slim and Everything Everywhere are only offering a 4G WiFi Hotspot which you can connect a couple of wireless devices to and … Read More