The Buzzard: EE’s 4G In-Car Hotspot

Last week we had a brief look at EE’s new 4G product range, so this week we’re going to take a look at some of the devices in more detail, starting with the Buzzard. This in-car 4G router is sure to keep passengers happy on those long car journeys.

Buzzard 4G In-Car Router

The Buzzard is the UK’s first 4G car WiFi and is expected to be the first in a series of superfast in-car devices available direct from EE. The device plugs into an in-car power socket and creates a 4G wireless network for up to ten devices, reducing the need for an expensive built-in solution. Just think the kids can be gaming or streaming movies in the back seat while the front seat passenger shops online and the driver uses online navigation.

Buzzard 4G In-Car RouterThe Buzzard requires a 12v in-car connection, meaning that it won’t run out of power and you don’t need to remember to recharge it. It comes with a unique branded container which is designed to fit neatly into a cup holder, keeping the device safe and out of the way.

When combined with EE’s drive to improve 4G coverage along the UK’s road network the Buzzard will turn the car into your very own 4G hotspot. If you drive out of a 4G area you’ll automatically get 3G coverage.

Buzzard Price Plans

The Buzzard 4G device is available on both pay monthly and pay as you go plans. The 24 month pay monthly price plans are as follows:

  • £10 per month: 1GB data and £19.99 upfront cost for device
  • £15 per month: 3GB data and no upfront cost for device
  • £20 per month: 15GB data and no upfront cost for device
  • £30 per month: 25GB data and no upfront cost for device
  • £50 per month: 50GB data and no upfront cost for device

The Buzzard is also available on a 30 day contract, which costs £10 per month for 1GB data, £15 per month for 3GB data, £20 per month for 15GB data, and £30 per month for 25GB data, but the upfront cost of the device will be £39.99.

If you want the Buzzard on pay as you go the upfront cost is £49.99 plus the cost of the data. An extra £10 (£59.99 in total) will get you 2GB data, valid for 30 days. An additional £25 (£74.99 in total) will get you 6GB data, also valid for 30 days.

With the Buzzard EE says that customers are in control of their data usage: “Customers will always be in control of what they’re spending – when data expires it’s quick and easy to buy a new data add-on, and with usage reminders on all plans it’s clear when data is running low, so there’s no chance of being caught short.”

Over the coming weeks we’ll look at the other new 4G devices released by EE as part of their focus on value and innovation, such as the Kite mobile WiFi device, the Osprey 4G router, and the Eagle, the UK’s most affordable 4G tablet.