Fixed IP 4G SIM Cards

With the arrival of 4G services in the UK and the opportunity for faster data streaming many business users are exploring the ways to utilise these new high speed 4G services.  One of the advantages of 3G and 4G wireless broadband is the fact that it can used anywhere there is a suitable signal from the network.  This means that it is used for M2M applications (Machine To Machine) such as CCTV and remote monitoring and management where the 3G SIM card, and now the 4G SIM card is inserted into a 3G router or 4G router to provide a flexible and convenient way to communicate with remote or site based equipment.

These types of services usually required the user to remotely connect to their device through the router and the easiest way to do that was to use a SIM card and service that provided a static IP address, just like you get on normal wired broadband services.  These static IP SIM cards, more commonly called Fixed IP SIM cards are commonly available on the 3G network but now with a move to new high speed 4G services many users want a 4G Fixed IP SIM card.

At present (March 2013), there are not any Fixed IP 4G SIM Cards available becuase the networks have not yet be enabled their MVNO partners who provide these extra fixed IP services to fully integrate with their networks due to billing issues.  This means that businesses that want to take advantage of higher speed 4G services will have to wait for a little longer before they can have all the features and services currently available on the 3G networks.