4G Speed Test

How Fast is 4G?

Using a Proroute H685 4G Router we have tested the EE 4G network in several locations and whilst we get nowhere near 100Mbps download speeds we have had some pretty impressive 4G speed test results.

In our office, which is on the fringe of 4G coverage we get only 10Mbps download speed and 2Mbps upload speed, but what we like is the consistency of the result.  Over a four week period we got the same results at both peak and off peak times.

In other locations in London we have performed 4G speed tests and got more impressive download speeds up to 45Mbps but these higher speeds were let down by the lower end speed test results which were around 12Mbps download speeds so even close to the 4G base station we got quite mixed 4G speed test results.