4GWhizz 4G Antenna

With the booming uptake of 4G data services in the UK there has been a whole new range of products to compliment the new high speed 4G mobile data services being offered by EE, O2, Vodafone and shortly Three (or will they change their name to Four?).

The most common of these devices are the 4G Modems, or 4G Dongles as they are commonly known and these enable a single user to plug the 4G USB modem into their laptop or PC and connect to the internet over 4G.  But what about all the iPad and tablet users with only WiFi connection who dont have the ability to use a USB 4G dongle, well these users are also catered for with the introduction of 4G Travel Routers / 4G MiFi routers which hold the 4G SIM Card and provide a small 4G WiFi Hotspot for 5-6 users.

For more serious users, there is the 4G Router with the widest choice of 4G connectivity products with products from Huawei, Proroute, 2N, Netcomm, Cradlepoint and many others, these 4g LTE Routers enable users to connect lots of devices using traditional wired LAN (Ethernet) connections as well as WiFi.

But the thing that all these devices have in common is that in order to connect to the 4G network, they first of all need to receive a 4G signal and that is where the 4GWhizz High Gain 4G Antenna comes into the picture.  many of the devices above either include small internal 4G antennas or are located in areas with very low, poor 4G signal so to help improve connectivity, improve data throughput and improve connection stability and reliability the 4G Whizz LTE antenna connects to any 4G device that has an external antenna connection option.

Many 4G Modems, 4G USB Dongles, 4G MiFi, 4G Travel Routers and 4G Routers have external antenna connectors, the most common being TS9, CRC9 and SMA.  By connecting the 4GWhizz Antenna to the external antenna port will help to improve your 4G network signal reception and because the 4GWhizz antenna has a 5dBi Peak Gain and cross polarized dual antenna configuration you should see an overall performance in your 4G mobile broadband connection.

The 4GWhizz 4G Antenna comes with 2m long cable and SMA male antenna connectors (suitable for most 4G Routers) and is also supplied with SMA to TS9 and SMA to CRC9 adapters making it compatible with 90% of 4G Modems and 4G MiFi units that provide an external antenna connection.

4GWhizz 4G Antenna

With dual suckers, the 4GWhizzz antenna can be easily mounted on the work surface for the temporary or mobile user and for the more static installation, for example when used with a 4G router, the 4G Whizz antenna has a second sucker so it can be affixed to a window.

4GWhizz LTE Antenna Window Mount

The 4G Whizz antenna is also a MiMo antenna (Multiple In / Muliple Out) which means that it has two antenna connections so when connecting to a 4G MiMo device such as a 4G router that has a Main and Aux antenna connection this antenna will provide the ultimate 4G signal reception and data throughput.  It is also Omni-Directional, which means that you don’t need to point it at a cell tower in order to receive the best performance like you have to do with the high gain directional 4G antennas which are usually mounted outdoors on masts and lose much of their signal down the extra long cable lengths that lead inside to the 4G device.

So, if you need a high gain 4G antenna with Dual MiMo connectivity with SMA/M, TS9 or CRC9 connectivity then the 4GWhizz 4G Antenna should be on your shopping list.  Priced at just £29.00 + VAT it is a great value MiMo 4G Antenna for many applications.