Amit VHG760 Vehicle 4G Router with EMark certification

Greetings 4G SIM Card users and welcome to the new Amit VHG760 4G Router which is the new M2M and Vehicle 4G Router available in the UK from 3G Router Store.

VHG760 Vehicle 4G Router

This router is amazing value because not only does it have an embedded LTE 4G Modem, it provides 2 x Ehernet Ports and 802.11n WiFi and has GPS.  The VHG760 is Emark certified which means it is one of the lowest cost certified Vehicle 4G routers especially as it provides Ethernet and WiFi for LAN connectivity and also has built-in GPS so can be used to provide location services.

So, if you are looking for a 4G Router with a SIM card slot so you can insert your 4G SIM Card then the VHG760 is a good choice.  Not only can it be used as a vehicle 4G router, but it can also be used as a robust and reliable, industrial grade M2M 4G router for remote management and monitoring for things like CCTV, Digital Signage / Remote Media, Wind / Solar monitoring and building management control.

The VHG760 has all the normal M2M router features such as ping reboot and port forwarding and also VPN functionality (Open VPN / IPSEC) and has SMA antenna connectors so the supplied antennas can be replaced with different 4G antennas to suit the installation environment.

For larger deployments of multiple units then there is also software available to buy and run on your corporate network to provide monitoring and management of your installed base of routers and this software is a one-off cost rather than the expensive monthly or annual RMS solutions provided by other router manufacturers.

The VHG760 will be available in March 2018 from 3G Router store with an initial price of £139.00