Audi to Provide 4G LTE In-Car Connectivity

There’s good news for Audi drivers that like to stay connected as many new Audi cars are now able to act as your very own mobile 4G router on wheels, using a 4G SIM card from any provider. Audi has been the first car manufacturer to fully integrate 4G LTE into a production car as part of the advanced Audi Connect in-car internet access.

The Audi A3 with 4G LTE integration

4G connectivity is already available in the Audi S3 Sportback, and has now been integrated into the rest of the Audi premium compact range. It is a big step forward for the Audi Connect technology which forms a network between the driver and the internet, the vehicle and the infrastructure.

Features of Audi Connect include:

  • High speed internet access
  • Real time traffic and weather information
  • Navigation based on Google Earth and Street View
  • Detailed destination data and images
  • Intuitive operation and integrated speech recognition

Audi Connet also allows the car to become a 4G mobile hotspot, giving passengers the ability to connect up to eight mobile devices. Passengers can independently stream music, watch videos, shop online, and check e-mail, using smartphones, tablets, or laptop computers. Don’t worry about being late for that meeting; you’ll be able to hold a video conference from the back seat!

While Audi Connect has been in operation for some time using 3G connectivity, the introduction of 4G data transfer will dramatically increase its capabilities. A growing list of useful features includes a fuel station locator and parking availability tool, both of which provide price and distance data. Social media use has also been made more vehicle friendly, with functions such as text-to-speech, and prepared text statuses. You can even route texts and e-mails through your smartphone whilst driving.

What Do You Need for Audi Connect with 4G?

New Audi A3 models are now available to order with 4G LTE connectivity, but what else will you need? Firstly, when you order your car you need to include MMI Navigation Plus with Audi Connect which is part of the technology package. Secondly you will need a 4G SIM card with a flat data rate, which is inserted into a slot in the car’s glove box. The Audi system is usual in that it is entirely unlocked so you can choose any network provider, making use of the best 4G coverage in your area.

According to Audi “With sophisticated infotainment and entertainment functions, Audi connect takes comfort, safety and automotive enjoyment to a new level. The world is becoming increasingly interconnected, and so is Audi.”

In-car 4G LTE connectivity will be welcome news to those who travel for work, meaning they can have a virtual in-office experience while they’re on the road. It will also be popular with families looking to keep children and teenagers occupied on long journeys, as they’ll be able to stream the latest movies, play online games, and browse the internet. There’ll be no need to search for the nearest mobile hotspot when you know you’re already sitting in it.