EE Launches 4G Capable IoT Platform

EE is driving the future of the Internet of Things with the launch of EE Connect, the UK’s first 4G-capable dedicated Machine to Machine (M2M) platform.

EE Connect 4G-Capable M2M Platform

There are already around two million machines, or connected devices, communicating with one another over the EE 2G and 3G networks, and EE expects this number to double over the next two years. Globally it is expected there will be over 30 billion smart devices in use by 2020, including smart watches, other wearables, smart cars, and home appliances, and office systems. 4G-capable EE Connect has been designed to allow businesses to make the most of this growth in the Internet of Things, developing new products and technologies for the future.

The 4G capabilities of EE Connect are vital in making M2M communications quicker and more efficient. It will be particularly important for the development of connected machines or devices where low latency is essential such as driverless cars and healthcare applications, as well as for scenarios that need increased bandwidth such as in-car entertainment and diagnostics, and remote video distribution.

The new dedicated M2M service is already available to all EE business and public sector customers, enabling them to develop and deploy connected technologies with high levels of flexibility, scalability, and service. Features of EE Connect include real-time monitoring of connected devices, the ability to remotely set and update business rules, detailed reporting with actionable insights, and a dedicated M2M customer services team.

EE Connect gives users access to the EE Control Centre, which enables customers to remotely monitor and manage connected machines or devices. This includes identifying and remedying issues or faults with connected machines in the field, as well as implementing or altering rules to increase efficiency, performance, and durability.

Comms365 already partners with EE for M2M communications, using the network for services such as Fixed IP SIMs and Fibre Failover solutions, and states that the best possible M2M service and support it vital for its business model. Comms365 will be using 4G-capable EE Connect for its Continuum bonded services for rapidly deployed, mission critical Internet access and corporate network connectivity.

According to Gerry McQuade, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, EE Business, “Every day, the strength and reliability of our 4G network allows businesses to develop innovative connected products and services that improve our lives – whether it’s telematics in cars that help improve driving and road safety, healthcare applications that drastically cut testing and diagnosis times, or connected infrastructure that creates smarter and more efficient public services. EE Connect provides the best M2M management capabilities, on the best network, with the best service through a dedicated support team, which together is helping businesses create the connected technologies of tomorrow.”

The new EE Connect platform is just one part of EE’s ongoing commitment to invest £1.5 billion in its network over the coming three years. EE’s 4G network is expected to cover 90% of the UK by 2017, with its 4G+ service available in 20 major UK cities.