EE Launches the Robin – a 4G Tablet for Kids

In time to meet the pre-Christmas demand for children’s tablets EE has launched the Robin, the world’s first 4G connected tablet designed with kids in mind.

EE Robin 4G Tablet

The Robin follows EE’s pattern of naming its own-brand devices after birds, including the Osprey, the Eagle, and the Rook, and was released today, 23rd October, in selected stores although it won’t be available online until 2nd November. As well as a child proof design, the Robin comes with online safety features and plenty of age-appropriate pre-loaded content. Let’s take a look at these features in more detail.

Child friendly design

The Robin has a robust design and comes with a child friendly bumper which prevents it getting damaged if dropped or knocked. The child sized seven inch display is perfect for watching videos or playing games, and the tablet has the Android 5.1 operating system, a quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, and 8GB internal memory. It also has a Micro SD card slot providing additional storage space of up to 32GB so there’s plenty of space for all those Disney films.

Because the tablet is 4G enabled, children and their parents can stream their favourite content wherever they are, at home or on the move. Kids can watch live TV without buffering, or play online games with super-fast 4G.

Online safety features

Parents take their children’s online safety very seriously and the Robin is designed to give them peace of mind. It comes with the Kurio operating system which is layered on top of the Android operating system and is designed especially for children, giving parents the option of setting up individual user profiles. The tablet has the latest parental controls including web filtering, which categorises 450 million websites daily and blocks unsuitable content. It also has app management, allowing parents to choose which apps their children can use, and time controls which allow parents to limit the time the kids spend on non-educational apps while allowing more access to educational apps.

While the tablet is primarily aimed at children it can also be used by their parents. With the touch of a button the tablet transforms into a regular Android operated tablet where parents can access their data, contacts, messages, and content that is blocked from the children.

Preloaded tablet content

Free access to Hopster, a TV streaming app, is included with the Robin on 24 month data plans. This app gives children access to kids TV shows such as Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, Thomas & Friends™ and Postman Pat, alongside educational games based on the early years curriculum. The tablet also has plenty of preloaded games, ebooks, and educational apps and new content can be downloaded from Google Play with parental approval.

According to Christopher Traggio, Director of Connected Products at EE, “Parents know their children are using gadgets more than ever before and the Robin from EE allows kids to not only enjoy the tablet experience but benefit with e-learning as well. What’s more the Robin is designed so that parents can have peace of mind that their child is protected online wherever they are on the UK’s biggest and fastest 4G network.”

The Robin will be available on a range of pay monthly plans. For example it will cost £15 per month on a 24 month plan for 10GB 4G data per month and access to Hopster. Existing EE customers won’t need to pay an upfront fee for the tablet, while new customers will need to pay £29.99. The tablet will also be available on Pay As You Go for £129.99.