EE to Showcase Curved G Flex 4G Phone from LG

Just when you thought smartphones were all starting to look the same, EE has announced that it is soon going to be showcasing the ground-breaking curved LG G Flex handset. Although the handset won’t be launched in Europe until February next year, EE are giving visitors to their stores the opportunity to try out the new technology over the next couple of weeks.

LG G Flex 4G Phone

The unique shape of the LG G Flex incorporates a vertical curve, and it has been hailed as a revolution in smartphone design. Andy Coughlin, the UK Head of Mobile for LG suggests that it hails a trend for smartphones that are increasingly adapted to the needs of their users.

Why a Curved Phone?

The benefits of a curved handset might not seem obvious initially, but according to EE they are threefold:

  1. The curve of the G Flex mirrors the curve of the human face reducing the distance between the mouth and the microphone.
  2. The curved handset is more comfortable to handle and fits more easily in a back pocket.
  3. The curved screen offers the best viewing angle for video and gaming, and allows the user to become more immersed in the images on the screen.

According to Sharon Meadows, Director of Devices at EE: “LG is renowned for its technical innovation so we’re pleased to be working with them to bring the G Flex to UK consumers. The G Flex is perfectly optimised to take advantage of our unique double-speed 4G network and will provide users with an immersive viewing experience so they can make the most out of watching video on the go.”

As well as its unique shape, the LG G Flex has a number of other features. The most impressive has to be LG’s unique self-healing technology. This allows the elastic coating on the back of the phone to recover from minor scratches or knocks, returning to its original pristine appearance in less than a minute. This means that the handset should remain in good condition for far longer.

Other features that make the most of the handset’s unusual design include a swing lockscreen, where the lockscreen image is altered according to the orientation of the phone, and QTheater which gives access to media on the phone directly from the lockscreen.

The LG G Flex handset will be available to try out in-store over the Christmas period, and will be on display in the EE stores in Westfield, Bluewater, the Trafford Centre, the Merryhill Centre, and the Meadowhall Centre, along with the EE stores in London Oxford Street, Nottingham, Brighton, and Cambridge.

It is expected that the LG G Flex will be available on EE’s 4G price plans from February 2014, although the upfront cost of the handset has not yet been revealed. If you’d like to find out whether a curved smartphone is the right choice for you, head down to an EE store over the Christmas period and try it out for yourself.