Giffgaff Launches Low Cost 4G

Budget mobile network provider GiffGaff has today launched its new 4G service, with prices starting from just £12 a month and contracts that can be cancelled or amended at any time. GiffGaff has already trialled 4G among selected users, but this is the first time it will be available to all.

GiffGaff 4G

GiffGaff offers rolling monthly deals as standard, meaning that customers have the flexibility to cancel or change their subscription whenever they want. These deals are known as ‘goodybags.’ GiffGaff is offering three 4G packages or goodybags with a mix of UK minutes, texts, and data. Customers can set their 4G goodybags to recur each month or can change them depending on what they need. The three options are:

  • £12 – 500 UK minutes, unlimited texts, and 1GB 4G data
  • £15 – 500 UK minutes, unlimited texts, and 3GB 4G data
  • £18 – 1,000 UK minutes, unlimited texts, and 5GB 4G data

Existing GiffGaff customers will be able to try out the 4G service for just £10 per month until 12th January, when they will revert to the prices listed above. Their sim cards are already ready for 4G so assuming they have a 4G enabled handset that supports the 800 Mhz LTE band they only need to buy a 4G goodybag. Customers should take a look at the coverage checker on the GiffGaff website to find out whether they live in an area with 4G coverage before buying one of the packages. The launch of 4G will be welcome news to GiffGaff customers who were expecting it to arrive back in March.

According to the GiffGaff website the new 4G service allows you to, “Unleash the full power of your mobile phone and experience fast emailing, browsing and download speeds of up to 5x faster than before. That means less time buffering videos, more gaming on the go and turbo music streaming the next time you want to groove to a beat.”

GiffGaff is a budget mobile network that is owned by Telefonica, the business behind O2. Although as an MVNO GiffGaff uses the O2 infrastructure, it is run as a separate business and costs are kept down by minimising traditional marketing and support services. GiffGaff customers are encouraged to promote the network via word of mouth, and receive extra credit when they introduce friends and family. They can also earn credit by helping fellow customers to solve issues in the user forum.

For those that don’t live in an area with 4G, GiffGaff’s 3G goodybags are well worth a look.

  • £5 – 60 UK minutes, 300 UK texts, and 20MB 3G data
  • £7.50 – 200 UK minutes, unlimited UK texts, and 250MB 3G data
  • £10 – 500 UK minutes, unlimited UK texts, and 1GB 3G data
  • £12 – 500 UK minutes, unlimited UK texts, and 3GB 3G data
  • £15 – 500 UK minutes, unlimited UK texts, and 5GBB 3G data
  • £18 – 2,000 UK minutes, unlimited UK texts, and unlimited 3G data

Calls to other customers on GiffGaff are free on both 3G and 4G, which is a pretty good incentive to sign up your friends and family.