HTC One 4G Phone Wins Editor’s Choice Award

We hear a lot about the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy handset, but one 4G smartphone that is gaining huge popularity under the radar is the HTC One. Tech Radar were so impressed with the handset that they bestowed an Editor’s Choice award on it. So what is so great about the HTC One, and how much will it cost you with the current 4G network providers?

HTC One 4G Phone

Features of the HTC One

One of the most noticeable things about the HTC One is the screen, which is a real benefit for a 4G phone if you want to use it for watching videos, gaming, and online shopping. It has a 4.7 inch LCD screen, which has an impressive 468 ppi, as well as superior colour saturation and contrast ratio, creating a very sharp picture.

The other obvious feature of the handset when you first look at it, is the design. The edge to edge screen gives it a very sleek look, and the curved back makes it unexpectedly good to hold. Its brushed aluminium style casing is understated, ultra stylish, and surprisingly difficult to scratch or dent.

Once you start using the HTC One, you’ll realise it has much more to recommend it. The futuristic camera uses ultrapixel technology to capture more light, so although it only has a 4mp sensor you’re likely to get faster, better pictures in low light. The 4G connectivity means you’ll easily be able to upload images to social media. The HTC One makes use of a redesigned version of the Sense operating system, which is a big improvement and makes navigating the phone functions relatively quick and simple.

The HTC One is ideal for those that want to stream music on the move as it has two front facing speakers, combined with an inbuilt amplifier to boost the sound through your headphones. This combination is known as BoomSound, and is also useful if you want to stream videos for other people to gather around and watch, a real benefit of 4G.

Price Comparison for HTC One

Let’s look at a few of the price plans available for the HTC One from the 4G network providers:

EE offers the HTC One on a number of 24 month contracts. To get the most from the phone opt for the 4GEE Extra plan which includes double speed 4G, 10GB data, and unlimited texts and minutes. The initial cost of the phone would be £79.99 and the monthly cost would be £42.99.

If you’d rather keep costs down, EE also offers the phone on a regular plan, without double speed 4G, and with just 2GB data, as well as unlimited texts and minutes. In this case the phone will cost £49.99 and the monthly charge will be £39.99.

Vodafone also offers the HTC One with 4G on three different 24 month price plans. In each of the three the handset is free. The three plans are:

  • 8 GB data and unlimited texts and minutes for £52 per month
  • 4 GB data and unlimited texts and minutes for £47 per month
  • 2 GB data and unlimited texts and minutes for £42 per month

O2 offers the HTC One on their 4G Refresh plan. The handset can be purchased for a one-off payment of £579.99 at the start of the contract or can be spread over the monthly payments in a variety of ways. To get the handset for free initially and to spread the cost over the full 24 months, the monthly cost would be:

  • £47 per month for 4GB data and unlimited texts and minutes
  • £42 per month for 2GB data and unlimited texts and minutes
  • £37 per month for 1GB data and unlimited texts and minutes
  • £32 per month for 750MB data and unlimited texts and 600 minutes

The HTC One certainly isn’t in the budget 4G phone category, but compared with rivals such as the iPhone it still provides good value for the functionality and quality that is offers.