New 4G SIM Cards With More Inclusive Data Allowance?

Everything Everywhere has at last launched it’s new 4G mobile broadband service and for iPhone users living in 4G areas that is great news. Unfortunately the choice for mobile broadband users is very slim and Everything Everywhere are only offering a 4G WiFi Hotspot which you can connect a couple of wireless devices to and their inclusive data plans are a bit on the mean side.

However, look further afield and you will find companies like the 3G Router Store who offer a choice of 4G LTE Router including the 2N Speedroute 4G Router and the Netcomm 4G100W 4G Router both of which will work in the 1800Mhz frequency that Everything Everywhere are using as well as the 800Mhz and 2100Mhz frequencies that will be used by O2 and Vodafone when they launch their 4G networks in 2013.  The 3G Router Store also offer a range of 4G Data Plans for the heavy user of mobile data

4G Data Plans With Inclusive Data Allowance

  • 16 Gb Inclusive Data – £48.00 per month
  • 32 Gb Inclusive Data – £59.80 per month
  • 64 Gb Inclusive Data –  £109.00 per month
  • 128 Gb Inclusive Data –  £224.00 per month

The above prices excl VAT and are subject to a minimum 12 month contract and are based upon the EE 4G network for connectivity.


UPDATE : 14th March 2013

The above 4G SIM card data plans were only a launch offer from Everything Everywhere and are no longer available.