New M2M Data SIM Card – Public Fixed IP SIM Card

Westlake Connect have announced a new low cost M2M Data SIM solution which provides the user with a 3G Fixed IP SIM Card for use in a 3G Router that provides the router with a mobile broadband connection with a fixed and more importantly a public IP address.

4G fixed IP SIM Cards

Many standard mobile data SIM card contracts obtained directly from the main mobile phone networks use CGNAT (Carrier Grade NAT) which means that when used in a device like a 3G or 4G Router they of course will provide an internet connection as advertised, however the IP address assigned to the connection is a Private IP address on the mobile providers network.  This means that you will be unable to use Dynamic DNS (DDNS / DYNDNS) to remotely connect to your 3G Router because the public IP address on the internet side of the mobile network is shared between hundreds of private IP addresses on the mobile providers Private IP range.

This means that if you want to deploy a 3G or 4G router for an M2M (Machine to Machine) application then you will be unable to connect to your router using a standard mobile phone Data SIM card because of the CGNAT issue.  This is where the Fixed IP SIM Card from Westlake Connect comes in.  It gives you a Fixed, Public IP address that can be accessed from anywhere on the internet.

How Does Fixed IP SIM Card Work?

It’s quite simple really.  In the UK there are several companies who have an agreement to tie-in to the mobile providers networks and offer services – these companies are called MVNO’s (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) – You are probably already aware of some companies that are MVNO’s – for example, Tesco Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Giff Gaff to name a few.  These companies did not spend millions of pounds purchasing Spectrum licenses or many millions more installing mobile base stations, they simply work as MVNO’s with one or more of the mobile networks to offer their own bespoke service.

It’s the same with Fixed IP SIM Card suppliers – they work with the UK mobile phone networks to deliver a service, so in the case of a Fixed IP SIM card, the MVNO purchases thousands of IP addresses from RIPE (which are in short supply worldwide) and they invest in Radius servers and network links to the mobile networks and management facilities to be able to deliver a service.  Of course this means that you will have to pay a premium for a Fixed IP SIM card service, but it does mean that you can ensure a quick and simple method of accessing your 3G or 4G Router and using standard router features like port forwarding to connect to your devices on the LAN.

This means that when using a 3G router with a Fixed IP SIM Card can provide your business with a reliable and cost effective way of providing a mobile broadband deployment for M2M applications such as CCTV, Digital Signage, Remote Media, Security, Building Management and Wind/Solar management and monitoring.

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