Proroute GEM420 4G Router

If you need a high speed 4G mobile broadband connection for business or M2M application then there is no better place to put your 4G SIM card than into the Proroute GEM420 4G Router.

GEM420 4G Router GEM420-4G-Routers

This new embedded 4G router provides a reliable multi-functional 4G connectivity solution and is ideal for providing 4G Internet for the following applications :-

  • CCTV
  • Digital Signage / Remote Media
  • Construction / Site Offices
  • Energy (Wind / Solar) Management and Monitoring
  • Farming
  • In-Vehicle (Emergency Response / ANPR)
  • Banking / ATM
  • Rural Broadband / Home
  • Retail / POS / Pop-Up Shops
  • Marine / On Board 4G / WiFi
  • Building Management

The GEM420 4G Router is an industrial grade M2M 4G Router and that means it is designed to be installed in remote locations for remote management and monitoring and that means it has to be reliable and stay connected to the 4G network.

This connectivity reliability is required because 3G and 4G Internet services are not an always on service but are an always available service – this means that when a base station reaches capacity and a new user wants a connection the mobile network will disconnect other devices.  So, if you were using a standard 3G/4G router it might mean that you might notice once a week or several times a month your connection has been dropped and you would think nothing of turning your router off and on and then it would reconnect and happily work again for another few weeks.  However – if your router is hundreds of miles away this is more of a problem and that is why M2M 4G routers have built-in keep alive functions to ensure that the router stays connected and when it is disconnected by the mobile network then the router can recognise this and automatically reboot itself to reconnect to the 4G service.

The GEM420 4G Router, like most other M2M routers achieves this keep-alive function by using a ping reboot feature (also known as Cell ICMP check) and the router will ping an IP address on the internet every few minutes and if it does not get a response will know that it has been disconnected by the mobile network and will reboot and re-establish the 4G connection saving expensive and time consuming trips to site to reboot equipment.

As an additional back-up the GEM420 also features an SMS reboot service so you can send it an SMS message and tell the router to reboot – you can also use this SMS service to turn the 4G modem off or on – so if you only need the 4G connection occasionally you can turn it off until you need it and when you are ready to connect to the router, maybe to upload new content for remote media then you can send an SMS message, turn on the 4G connection, upload your content and then send another SMS message to turn off the 4G connection.

This connectivity reliability makes the GEM420 the ideal choice for all applications that need a reliable and robust 3G/4G connection and when we look at some of the other features then the Proroute GEM420 4G Router becomes even more appealing.

Embedded 4G

The Proroute GEM420 has an embedded 4G module so you just need to insert your 4G SIM Card directly into the router.  The router then uses external antennas with SMA connectors which means that the supplied antennas can be replaced with different antennas to suit the installation – maybe external 4G antennas or roof or panel mount antennas.

The GEM420 can also be used as a 3G router if required and will automatically failover to 3G network if 4G is unavailable,

– LTE Bands : B3 (1800Mhz), B7 (2600Mhz), B8 (900Mhz), B20 (800Mhz)
– WCDMA Bands : B1 (2100Mhz), B8 (900Mhz)
– GPRS/EDGE : 850/900/1800/1900Mhz

Dual SIM

To further enhance the M2M reliability the GEM420 has a second SIM Card slot so that you can insert another SIM card – usually this would be a different mobile network to the primary SIM.  In the event that the primary network becomes unavailable then the router will switch to the second SIM card and use the alternative service provider.


Built-in firewall with SPI, CSM and IPS prevent hacker attacking and enhance network efficiency.

Ethernet LAN

4 x 10/100 RJ45 Ethernet Ports – initiallay configured as 4 x LAN but LAN 1 can be changed to WAN

Wireless / WiFi

802.11n (300mbps) WiFi with MiMo antennas for high speed wireless connectivity and multiple (8) SSIDs for privileged group users.


The first Ethernet port can be configured as a WAN port and connected to a secondary internet service (ADSL / Satellite) and the router can provide a 4G failover and can also be used in load balancing mode to use bothe the WAN internet connection and 4G simultaneously.


The Proroute GEM420 also features a USB slot for the connection of a 3G or 4G USB modem – this extra connection is ideal as a secondary 3G/4G failover and can also be used in the load balancing mode at the same time as the embedded 4G module.

Load Balancing

The Proroute GEM420 acts as a 4G Load Balancing Router so can utilise the embedded 4G module, the USB modem and the WAN connection all at the same time and share these WAN connections with the LAN users.


IPsec, PPTP and L2TP VPN support up to 32 concurrent tunnels with max 100M throughput (IPsec).

Dual Power Inputs / Power Failover

The Proroute GEM420 4G Router supports wide voltage range of 9V to 48V DC and has two power inputs so if the primary power fails then the router will automatically use the second power supply without router downtime.  The industrial connectors are ideal for easy installation in different applications and the router is supplied with a UK mains power adapter.

IPV4 / IPv6

Full protocol stack for both IPv4 and IPv6, allowing up  to 128 concurrent users and 50,000 concurrent sessions.


High Availability for mission critical application with muti-WAN load balance and VPN tunnel failover, also VRRP for Device Redundancy.

SMS Management

Remote reboot, router status and module on/off control via SMS messaging from authorised numbers

SMS Centre

you can read SMS messages and compose and send messages from within the router management interface.

Remote Management

Secure remote management – password protected and can also be locked down to access from single IP or IP range – also supports TELNET and SNMP

Mounting / Installation Options

The router is supplied with DIN Rail Kit as well as flange mount kit so it can be desk, wall or DIN Rail mounted.

Industrial Grade

Quality industrial grade casing provides robust 4G router for installation in many different environments and operating temperature of -20 Celcius to +60 Celcius.

So – the GEM420 seems to have everything – reliability, security, high speed connectivity and multiple LAN and WAN features to ensure that it can be integrated into your M2M application or office environment with ease and confidence.

The GEM420 router is no longer manufactured.  If you need an alternative Industrial 4G Router or maybe want to upgrade to an industrial 5G router then please visit the UK 5G Store.