Red Business 4G Plan from Vodafone

Even though Vodafone’s 4G coverage is still limited, they are busy promoting their latest 4G business service offering; Red Business 4G. Red Business 4G is a single user plan, described as the ultimate plan for busy professionals who need to be able to communicate continuously with customers, suppliers and colleagues, as well as accessing super-fast internet on their mobile devices whilst out and about.


All Red Business 4G plans provide unlimited minutes and texts, and a set amount of UK internet, and UK Wi-Fi, depending on the plan you choose. They also include an additional sim card so you can share your data allowance between your smartphone and another device such as a tablet or dongle.  If you don’t need the extra sim for data sharing you can choose free access to Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV instead.

Vodafone is offering three levels with its Red Business 4G plan:

  1. Red Business Plan includes 2GB UK internet and 250MB UK Wi-Fi, and starts from £28.33 per month on a 24 month plan
  2. Red Business Plan L includes 4GB UK internet and 250 MB UK Wi-Fi, and starts from £32.50 per month on a 24 month plan
  3. Red Business Plan XL includes 8GB UK internet and 500 MB UK Wi-Fi, and starts from £36.67 per month on a 24 month plan

A Red Business 4G plan provides predictable costs for businesses and gives increased employee flexibility as they can keep in touch with the office and their customers wherever they are working. For just £10 extra per month, you can also get a virtual landline number on your mobile, which adds a professional touch and allows customers to contact you more easily.

Shared Data Plans from Vodafone

If you’d like to be able to share data between users, rather than simply between two devices, Vodafone also offers the Red Sharer plan for businesses. This lets you make the most of a group of employees’ data allowances by pooling them. Each employee’s data allowance is shared amongst the whole team, and you just receive one monthly bill.

In every team there will be some employees who regularly exceed their data limit, while other make very little use of theirs. A Red Sharer plan lets you make the most of all the data you’ve paid for, whether your employees are on 3G or 4G plans. It will help you to avoid out-of-plan charges, whilst still allowing your employees to stay connected on the move.

Red Sharer plans are easy to manage as Vodafone will notify you via text message about your team’s level of usage. You can set individual limits on specific employees if you need to, and can also determine locations and times when data can be used. Within a sharer group you can have multiple devices such as smartphones on 3G and 4G, tablets, and dongles.

If you live or work in an area where the Vodafone 4G rollout had already begun, a Red Business, or Red Sharer plan from Vodafone could help you to make the most of your 4G data allowance by sharing between multiple devices or users.