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4G spectrum switchover finishes five months early

Large swathes of the UK have now been provided with 4G coverage after frequencies previously used for analogue TV were cleared, zdnet.com reports. The work, which is set to be signed off today (Wednesday), has been delivered some five months ahead of schedule. This means that users may now be able to use the superfast … Read More

4G SIM Infographic

We have created a 4G Infographic to give you all the details about 4G.  Please feel free to share this infographic.  

EE hits over 50 per cent of the population with 4G

As EE switches 4G on in another 13 cities today, it means that their coverage is now reaching more than 50 per cent of the population. EE formerly known as Everything Everywhere – or T-Mobile and Orange merged – has had a significant lead on the competition thanks to Ofcom approving the use of its … Read More