Teltonika RUT950 4G Router

The Teltonika RUT950 embedded 4G Router is designed for M2M (Machine 2 Machine) installations for remote management and monitoring.

The RUT950 is the 4G version of the popular Teltonika RUT500 and inlcudes dual SIM card slots to enable failover to a back up SIM Card / Network in the event that the primary mobile network becomes unavailable.  This means that the RUT950 M2M 4G router is ideal for providing reliable mobile broadband connectivity for applications such as CCTV, Digital Signage / Remote Media and building management.


The Teltonika RUT950 industrial grade 4G router also includes keep alive features such as Ping Reboot which are configurable to enable the router to ping an IP address on the internet so it can check that it has a working internet connection.  If the router is unable to receive a response from the ping then it can be configured to reboot and re-establish the mobile broadband internet connection.  Features like Ping Reboot and SMS reboot which are featured in the RUT950 are essential tools for mobile broadband routers that are installed in remote locations because mobile broadband is an always available service and not an always on service.  this means that is busy locations the mobile networks will disconnect permanent connected devices as new users make internet requests from their mobile devices.  The router can still see the mobile network but onward connection to the internet is suspended which is why, when configuring ping reboot is is usually the best option to use an IP address on the internet rather than the mobile networks private IP addresses.

The Teltonika RUT950 includes all the normal firewall features and port forwarding, however when using the RUT950 with a 4G SIM card obtained directly from a mobile network provider the router will only receive a private IP address which means that remote access to the router will be impossible and this includes the use of DYNDNS because in order for Dynamic DNS to work your connection needs a public IP address allocated to it.  The UK mobile networks use Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT) to allocate private IP address to the devices on it’s network – this means that when you visit a site like and it tells you your public IP address, that IP address is shared between up to 250 other users on the mobile network and your device is one of those 250 private IP addresses behind that one public IP address so of course you would not be able to access your router making things like port forwarding redundant.

The way to overcome this is to use a Fixed IP SIM Card which is a service provided in the UK by several Fixed IP SIM card providers who are an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) who have links into the mobile networks but then have their own equipment to provide the IP addressing which means that you can connect to your 4G Router.

The only exception to this CGNAT rule is 3mobile network who will allocate your connection with a public IP address so you can remotely access your router and use DYNDNS and port forwarding etc – HOWEVER – this will only work if you use the APN of 3internet AND set your 4G Router to connect at 3G speed only – if your RUT950 4G router with a 3mobile data SIM card connects at LTE/4G then the mobile network will use CGNAT and provide your connection with a private IP address.  Please also note that this public IP addressing service from 3mobile does not always work and is not a guaranteed or contracted part of your 3mobile SIM card service and may be stopped at any time without notice or penalty so it might be worthwhile using a Fixed IP SIM Card service which is available as a 3G Fixed IP SIM or 4G Fixed IP SIM and that way you know you have a guaranteed remote access service for use with your Teltonika Router.