Vodafone 4G Ready R212 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Now that Vodafone has started its 4G rollout, one of the best ways to take advantage of the new service is through their 4G ready R212 Wi-Fi hotspot. This pocket-sized device is ideal if you’re often on the move as it allows you to connect to the internet with multiple devices using high speed mobile internet.

R212 Vodafone

You can connect up to ten devices at a time through your Vodafone R212, including tablets, laptop computers, gaming consoles, cameras, and other Wi-Fi devices. Although its small size makes it particularly useful for when you’re travelling, it can also be used at home as an alternative to broadband if your home connection isn’t very reliable.

Because the R212 has a long battery life it won’t let you down on those endless journeys, and it is ready to use straight from the box with no complicated set-up procedures to follow or software to install. Simply switch it on and you’re ready to connect. As it is 4G ready you can make use of high speed mobile internet if you’re in an area where Vodafone has already rolled out its network. Otherwise you can make use of 2G and 3G until 4G arrives.

Other functions of the R212 include a built-in MicroSD card slot where you can add a memory card which allows you to store and access your files wirelessly. Finally you can make use of Vodafone’s free mobile Wi-Fi app which allows you to track how much data you are using.

The key benefits of the R212 are:

  • Compact portable size
  • Ready for 4G rollout
  • Ability to connect multiple devices
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Long battery life
  • Trackable data use
  • Store and access files wirelessly

Mobile Wi-Fi Data Plans

The Vodafone R212 mobile Wi-Fi hotspot is available on a range of price plans. If you choose a 24 month plan the device itself is free, and you will just pay for your data, starting at £10 per month for GB and increasing to £30 per month for 10GB.

On a 12 month plan the device will usually cost you £39. You will pay £10 per month for 1GB data, increasing to £25 per month for 5GB. If you choose a plan with 10GB data at £30 per month, the upfront cost of the device will only be £19.

The R212 is also available on a one month plan, and in this case the device will cost £99. Again, if you want just 1GB data the monthly cost will be £10, rising to £30 for 10GB. 2GB, 4GB and 5GB plans are available.

Progress of Vodafone 4G Network

If you’re considering buying a 4G ready device such as the R212 from Vodafone, it’s useful to know how the rollout of the Vodafone 4G network is progressing. Vodafone launched their 4G network along with O2 on 29th August 2013, covering just the London area.

Just five weeks later, Vodafone had expanded their network to Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Sheffield, with Liverpool, Glasgow and Manchester next on the list for 4G rollout. Vodafone has already reported securing 100,000 customers on its 4G ready plans despite being in the early stages of rolling out the network. The network aims to serve 4G to 98% of the UK population by 2015.