4G SIM Only

Everything Everywhere have announced some new 4G SIM Only mobile data tariffs that will be available exclusively through selected network partners.  With the high profile launch of the re-branded Orange and T-Mobile companies to the EE brand and a focus on acquiring new customers for their high speed 4G network many of Everything Everywhere’s existing MVNO and dealer partners seemed to be forgotten about.

This has changed in March 2013 with selected tariffs being launched exclusively through EE partners and MVNO operators.  These new 4G SIM Only deals will compliment the mostly consumer base that EE has built up with their 4G smartphone offerings.

These new 4G SIM Only mobile broadband deals mean that the use of 4G services can be more widely rolled out for mobile broadband users that want to use the higher speed services in other devices such as 4G routers.

What is a 4G Router?

This is simply a router, just like the normal broadband routers that millions of people are already familiar with and offer all the wired and wireless (WiFi) LAN services that you would normally use, but instead of a cable connected to a telephone line or fibre connection, a 4G router uses a 4G SIM card to provide the internet connection.  It really is as simple as that.  In fact a 4G router is just the next evolution to the already popular 3G routers that have been used by millions of people for convenient wireless broadband connectivity for home and business use as well as using them for M2M applications such as remote monitoring and management for CCTV, Digital Signage, Remote Media, Energy Monitoring (Wind and Solar) as well as being widely used in the construction industry to provide reliable and convenient internet connectivity for their site offices.  This means that these new 4G SIM only deals combined with the new 4G router products could see a huge transition from 3G users to new higher speed 4G services.