EE Launches Second In-Car WiFi

As a successor to the first in-car 4G router, the Buzzard, EE has recently launched its second super-fast 4G WiFi in-car device, unsurprisingly names Buzzard 2.  Designed to provide high-speed connectivity for in-car entertainment, work on the move, and online navigation, the stylish brushed metal Buzzard 2 has a number of new features that make it an upgrade on the original Buzzard.

New features of the Buzzard 2

Buzzard 2 In-Car 4G Router from EESo what can the Buzzard 2 in-car 4G router do that the original Buzzard couldn’t?

  • Buzzard 2 can be plugged straight into the 12v connection on the dashboard of the car with no need for an adaptor, meaning it will never run out of power and you don’t need to remember to recharge it
  • A new intuitive lighting system helps the user to determine whether the device is turned on and whether it is connected
  • An extra USB socket port enables the device to act as a USB adaptor so additional devices such as smartphones or tablets can be connected to the power and charged while the car is on the move. This won’t impact the 4G WiFi performance

The Buzzard 2 supports up to ten WiFi enabled devices at any one time, meaning that all the passengers in the car can be online at the same time. Children can stream music and videos, or play games online, while adults can check e-mail or browse the web. The Buzzard 2 is also ideal for business use, for example taxi companies that want to ensure business customers have super-fast connectivity on their journeys.

Cost of the Buzzard 2

The Buzzard 2 is available immediately to both businesses and consumers. It can be ordered on the EE website or via EE telesales, and can be purchased in EE stores nationwide. On pay-as-you-go the Buzzard costs just £79.99 and it is also available on a 24 month contract with two pay monthly price plans:

  1. £10 per month for 1GB data with an upfront cost of £19.99
  2. £15 per month for 3GB data with no upfront cost

Customers buying the Buzzard 2 before 31st January benefit from 100MB of free data to use each month, and existing customers that have a 4GEE mobile shared plan can add the device for just £8 per month.

According to Christopher Traggio, Director of PAYG & Connected Products, EE, “High-speed internet connectivity has become second nature for many families – both inside the home and on the move – so it can come as shock on car journeys when the children can’t access their favourite games or TV to entertain themselves. Buzzard 2 creates a powerful 4G WiFi connection without battery drain – providing a great solution for passengers young and old, so they can check their newsfeeds, stream music, play online games or catch-up on TV in the car.”

Technical specifications of the Buzzard 2 include:

  • Memory: 128MB Flash, 128MB RAM
  • Power: 12V from the car’s power socket
  • SIM Size: microSIM (3FF) card
  • Dimensions: 59 mm ×49 mm ×88 mm
  • Network: 4G (Cat 4)
  • Processor: Balong 720M 667MHz processor