Teltonika RUT230 M2M 3G Router

We admit upfront that this has nothing to do with a 4G SIM card, but we do like new stuff and the Teltonika RUT230 3G router does use a SIM card so we thought we would tell you about it anyway.

The RUT230 3G router from Teltonika replaces their RUT500 3G router and their RUT900 3G Router and offers basic 3G Internet connectivity for remote access and monitoring.

Teltonika RUT230 3G Router

You can see from the picture above that the SIM card slot is on the side and this pulls out and you can insert your 3G SIM card.  Normally this would be a Fixed IP SIM Card so that you can remotely access the router over the 3G network and use port forwarding to the devices connected on the LAN side of the router.  Talking of LAN connections, the RUT230 router has 2 x Ethernet Ports so you can connected devices with an Ethernet cable and it also has built-in WiFi so you can connect network devices to the WiFi hotspot.

The RUT230 has 2 x SMA antenna connectors on the opposite side of the Ethernet ports so you can connect a single 3G antenna and a single WiFi antenna.

RUT230 with supplied cell and wifi antennasRUT230 SMA Antenna connectors


Because it has screw on antennas these can be removed and replaced with a 3G antenna more suitable for your installation.

I bet if you are reading about this on a 4G website you must wonder why companies still manufacture 3G devices like the RUT230?  the answer is simply down to cost both in terms of 3G modems and also the cost of 3G M2M SIM cards.  Most of these types of industrial routers are deployed in situations where there is relatively low amounts of data needed and they don’t need fast 4G connections so a 3G Router like the RUT230 provides an essential component of thousands of M2M (Machine to Machine) remote access and monitoring applications the world over.