The Osprey 4G WiFi Device from EE

One of the most popular gifts for students heading off to university later this year is likely to be the Osprey 4G WiFi device from EE. Part of EE’s new selection of own-brand WiFi devices, the Osprey is designed for a younger audience and provides a secure and practical alternative to public WiFi.

Osprey 4G WiFi Device EE

Released alongside the Kestrel, the Eagle, the Buzzard, and the Kite, the Osprey follows EE’s current trend for devices that are named after birds. It is a small 4G WiFi device that allows the user to benefit from super-fast 4G internet on the move, and is particularly aimed at younger people, allowing them to study, work, play games, stream video and music, or keep up with their social networks while on the move.

Available in white with green trim, or black with yellow trim, the Osprey is a rugged, sturdy, colourful device. The device allows the user to connect up to ten devices wirelessly, including laptops, tablets, and gaming devices. It has six hours battery life to allow plenty of time for gaming, movie streaming and sharing.

The device is small enough to carry around easily, and measures 88mm x 88mm x 14.8mm. It weighs just 136g. Along with the device itself users will receive a USB cable, and mains charger, and a lanyard. With 4GEE mobile broadband users can also benefit from EE Film where they can stream the latest movies without using their data, as well as 2 for 1 cinema tickets and Pizza Express each Wednesday.

The Osprey is available on a range of 4GEE and 4GEE+ plans.

4GEE Osprey price plans

  • £10 per month for 1GB data over 24 months and an upfront cost of £19.99
  • £15 per month for 3GB data over 24 months and no upfront cost

4GEE+ Osprey price plans

  • £20 per month for 15GB data over 24 months and no upfront cost
  • £30 per month for 25GB data over 24 months and no upfront cost
  • £50 per month for 50GB data over 24 months and no upfront cost

The Osprey is also available on a 30 day rolling contract for an upfront cost of £39.99. The monthly cost depends on the level of data required, with 1GB costing £10, 3GB costing £15, 15GB costing £20, and 25GB costing £30. Users stay in control of the data they use, and when their data allowance expires it’s quick and simple to purchase an add-on.

Osprey 4G pay as you go

The Osprey is also available on pay-as-you-go with two options:

  • £59.99 for the device plus 2GB data valid for 30 days
  • £74.99 for the device plus 6GB data valid for 30 days

The actual cost of the device is £49.99 and the additional £10 or £25 is for the 4G data.

According to EE, “This colourful 4GEE Mobile WiFi is perfect if you want to get online whenever you want, without having to hunt around for public WiFi. No matter how hectic your life, it’s small and sturdy enough to take along for the ride.”